Our Mission

The LAP.LIFE Philosophy

We inform, educate and help people discover what truly makes them happy

LAP.LIFE was created by Adam Pedicini and grown out of a love for living a fulfilled life and wanting people to make the most of their lives whether it be in fitness, at home, work or with our families.

"No one person is the same and not all people have the same requirements, we all need a different approach and resources." - Adam Pedicini

Realizing that everyone is unique and different and therefore has different needs, Adam created fitness solutions that are custom tailored to the individual.

He's also assembled a community of experts to allow clients feel safe, secure and heading in the right path of their goals.

The LAP.LIFE team builds a special trust with clients, allow them to feel supported and make the changes they need. "We know life can be hard, we live in an era of information overload, but we’ve taken the guess work out to help you move in the right direction."

Please use LAP.LIFE and our team as a resource, a platform to ask questions and if they don’t know the answer they guarantee that they know who to ask.

LAP.LIFE is a group of fun, vibrant people. "It’s our hope that by being apart of our community you’ll feel that way too and together we can make all your dreams come true!"