A Dancer’s Life

It’s one of those things, either you love it or you hate it - either you think you can or you absolutely can’t... dancing! Like it’s origin, dance has been a ritual associated with natural spirit, a right of passage or just losing oneself to rhythmic movement. For me, it was nothing more than an enjoyment factor and lets be honest as a young 24 year old male it was riddled with attractive females with very little competition!

Good or bad when people ask us something enough times we start to believe it, “are you a dancer?” With no formal dance training, and having never stepped inside a dance class until I was 24, it was the love of dancing at night clubs that I finally decided to listen to all the questions. After a good friend of mine suggested a jazz class at Dance Factory in Melbourne, little did I know it would shape the next 10 years of my life! Having just finished a degree in Drama I was thrown into the world of 5’ 6’ 7’ 8’, pliea, tights and funny ‘g’ string underwear that felt like I was having a second burst of puberty.

As much as I was enjoying the industry that I was now fully emerged in - going on tours, dancing on TV, being on stage in front of 5,000 people and travelling the world, I now see it was the relationship with movement that I was truly enjoying. Exploring and understanding the vocabulary I was having with my body. Learning what it meant to be ‘long’ (no small feet considering I’m 5’9!) finding where my centre of balance was and just understanding how every part of movement is interconnected throughout my body.

It's this understanding of movement that has encouraged me to share my journey and encouraging other people to make discoveries. Movement is the first thing we learn but often the first thing we neglect. Desk-sitting is becoming the new 'smoking' and the health problems associated with a predominantly sedentary lifestyle are staggering.

To twist, walk, roll and even to stand we are constantly fading our brains with movement patterns. The further we can take this movement the further we can stretch our bodies not just in the physical sense but in internal growth.