Adam & His Team

Adam Pedicini
Owner / Trainer
It was through Adam's love of being healthy and living an adventurous life, that his passion for fitness has grown and the path of sharing that knowledge with other people. Born and raised in Australia, Adam has travelled the world both for work (as a professional dancer) and seeking adventures as an avid whitewater kayaker. With a zest for life, he's alway's looking to get the most from it and enjoys nothing more than seeing people discover their own possibilities. For early beginnings, Adam has ridden alongside his mum during her morning run, sailed, skied and kayaked all over the world. He loves teaching movement and helping people discover the joys of a healthy lifestyle.

From then on it was all systems go!! From summiting Mount Kilimanjaro with his mom, to running marathons or being able to do the splits. It's just who I am and what I love to do.

Having being able to forge a career in the arts and in fitness, he's never lost the sense of 'play' and 'imagination.' As a self-proclaimed modern day Peter Pan he's always striving for a new adventures that keep him young.

"With such insignificant relevance on the scale of time, I feel it prudent that my time is filled with laughter and enjoyment. I see too often people losing sight of this and its my hope and mission that I can help people rediscover the simple joys of life and remember what Peter Pan said, 'To Die would be an awfully great adventure!'."

Lauren Phypers
Personal Trainer
Exercise and get to know your body then fall in love with it! With a degree and background in sports science and experience in sports rehabilitation Lauren has a fond love for staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. Lauren likes to mix things up in her workouts incorporating different methods to keep things functional, challenging yet fun. Lauren wants the absolute best for every client she trains and most importantly wants them to love working out and keep it a regular part of their life. Also a soon to be mum she can guide you in that special time.

Katee Gray
Personal Trainer / Coach
A self proclaimed fitness nerd, Katee has developed a wealth of knowledge in a number of fields but more specifically associated with stress and training related hormone issues. As a qualified triathlon coach, she's a wealth of knowledge and through her Skype consultations, is able to train people all over the world! She is our go-to person when you have a race coming-up or if you need help with understanding test results and finding exciting ways to get your race times down.

Steph Lowe
A true leader in her field and possibly one of our most skilled resources, Steph, has been at the forefront of modern nutrition for over 10 years. She helps people not only look good on the outside, but is also able to aid with digestion issues, preparation for contraception, understanding of blood results and what individuals should and shouldn't be eating.