I once heard that a guy ate doughnuts for a month and lost weight, why can't I do that?

The same reason you'll never beat Usain Bolt in a running race!! He's a freak, built of such unique abilities, he's in a league of his own! A person who eats doughnuts and loses weight or doesn't put any on is not you and is not normal!

Unfortunately, you are caught in the battle between what's right for you and how the advertising companies can trick you into being addicted to their sugary foods! We're also lead to beleive that eating healthy needs to be this complex and well organized process. It doesn't!! Eating well just requires some simple steps to first work out what's best for you.

Once you know what foods suit your needs it can be very simple and not let it be a burden on your life.


Of course, for those of you who want to gain muscle, loose weight for a sporting event or help with nutrition for an event - that's when things can get a little more in-depth.

Getting that extra advantage via nutrition in your chosen sport can bring great advantages and we love helping you achieve them. This is where we can look at supplements, understanding your metabolic rate and timing intake with your training cycle.


While all our staff are well-versed in nutrition, we like to impart the best possible knowledge. It's for this reason, we encourage and ask that you head to our specialist, Steph Lowe.

Steph is a leading nutritionist in the fitness industry and prides herself on good natural sources of nutrition to enhance your life and performance.

We see food as information for the body and we want to make sure the body is getting the best possible information possible. We have included her website link and invite you to have a look at her website.

We will help and assist you with this process and guide you all the way. We firmly believe that getting the best information is the key and we are honored to have her assistance.