Sugar Mummy

It's 9am on a Wednesday morning and I'm in a cafe in Paddington. It's a nice, sunny date and I'm looking through my notes on training, healthy eating, how to live a more joyful and enriched life. Looking at my notes I realize that so much of why I'm here in the first place is a result of my parents.

However, as I have these thoughts and think about my super human ability to change the world and make every person fitness machines (!!) I'm rushed back to reality by a mother, her dog and her two sons sitting next to me.

Don't you love the innocence of the kids these days... Or NOT. No it isn't innocence! As I could assume the boys are aged between 4-6, they've already learned behaviors and interact with the world that surrounds them. So as I watch the mother glued to her phone and watching the youngest boy consume a large, sugar coated pastry delight accompanied by a large hot chocolate, I can't help but wonder what behavioral traits they have already learnt, how it will affect their adult life, what the boys insulin levels are and what their crash will look like in an hour.

Now don't get me wrong, this could be an isolated case and I certainly was a hyperactive ADHD type of child, I only pray my kids aren't like me. But having positive role models as parents, I'm very healthy and live an enjoyable, adventurous life. So it begs the question, when will all the messages of positive living, importance of being present and being a positive role models for our kids, when does it rub off onto them??

Sure, life is all about balance, and life can be hard, but making a 'lazy decision' is just an easy way out. But our habits and instincts are hard to change, so perhaps the habit of said mother was to buy her boy that extremely high sugar breakfast and her instinct was just for the easy / lazy decision? This only highlights the importance of helping people to see their instincts and recognize their habits.

So let's stop and think about what we say, eat, do, behave and 'insta' update in front of our kids. Because if we can't stop that then we are certainly doomed for an obese, depressive, negative, aggressive race. Encourage positive eating, keep the sugar as a reward and not an 'every day item', be present and open our minds to our behaviors and patterns so we can keep the real zest and enjoyment of life - to love.