Personal Training Packages

Sports Coaching

As much as we may like to believe this is the case, talent alone won't allow us to perform our chosen sports at the highest level possible. Training 'specificity' sounds  like a fancy word but all it really means is doing exercieses that make your professional sport (at least you think so) or weekend club bash, better.

A lot of what can be done in the gym is transferable to the pitch and frankly that's where we come into our own and what we love doing!

From regular coaching, online programming and assessment we can help you kick, throw, hit, move, jump or whatever it is you like, just that bit stronger, faster and bigger than before.


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  • $100

Private Mentorship Training

The time has come and you're 100% committed to making the change! You want that attention to detail and the confidence that our sole focus is on you!

This is your chance to ask, learn and know that everything you are hearing is specific to your personal needs. Allow us to guide you, explain tools and techniques that are actionable and can be use din your own life.

We'll never be your trainer for life and we don't expect to, we're in the business of making the world a better place. We encourage and hope the knowledge and principles you learn, you will take and pass them onto friends and family in the hope more people can live an adventurous and enjoyable life.


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  • $60

Private Workshop Training

This is where you know what you want, you're feeling good but know there's pieces of the puzzle missing. You're a people person and you need that little bit of a push.

In groups no bigger than 4 you will have your own program to follow and complete. We will be with you all the way but you can also get the session done on your own.

Being on hand we oversee your technique, provide you feedback and make sure you're sticking to the program. At a lower price point than our private mentor-ship programs, perhaps you can train more and still get the results not possible if you were training by yourself.


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  • $40

Group Training Sessions

This is where the party is at! A great social way to meet people and train as a group! Certainly the most enjoyable of our programs often with games and challenging ways to get fit. While its still challenging and demanding, it allows people to feel part of a community and push each other along.

Bring a friend, have a wedding coming up, want to train with people from work or looking to build friendships with other people. This is high energy with lots of fun, very challenging and rewarding training.


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  • $15

Online Personal Training Sessions

You're the person that knows what they want and likes to go it alone! Or maybe you don't but you want the best! With a completely online format we connect through Skype / phone and email and provide as much support and guidance as possible.

We're still able to critique technique, provide feedback and administer exercise to aid training. Providing test results we tailor programs to suit your goals, abilities and training schedule.

With regular check-ins we help you to stay on track, plan your goals and help you all the way. There's also the possibility of an in-person session with one of our trusted trainers worldwide!! Yup that's right, we have a community of trainers that range from NY, London to Sydney. Anything is possible.


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  • $10