The Beginnings

Everyone has an individual journey and a thing they call life, but how many of us really know what’s going on in our life and the world around us?

The personal journey I call ‘life’ has already been filled with heartache, tragedy, mistakes, travel, triumph, laughter, adventure and an endless number of objectives but I know I’m still only scratching the surface of what I’ve been through. But with the imagination and sense of mischief like a 12 year old I believe the older I get the more I’m wanting to see the world in a different light. It’s now my hope that I can share this adventure and help other people find the adventure in their own lives and create a framework that at the end of your life you can say, “job well done”.

As much as this is about sharing my story with the world this is also about the process of me overcoming a personal fear and confronting a task I dread more than having to work a 9 to 5 job - writing and being available to public criticism!

My journey sure has been fun so far and I’ve had some amazing experiences along the way. Those experiences have now become a great source of encouragement for me when times are tough. During those times of hardship a moment of self reflection has always helped put things in perspective and I can draw from the life I’ve lived so far.

I’m not super-human and I’m certainly not the most gifted or most intelligent person but I do see the world as a playground and the older I’m getting the more I’m seeing people lose that love of their own lives and falling short of what they are truly capable of achieving. I hope that with this blog I’ll be able to share how I came to be on stage naked in a gay play, climbed one of the highest mountains on a continent with my Mum, ran a 3:15 marathon with only two training runs, was air-lifted out of a canyon, lived on a river in Peru for 32 days and how I almost lost my life in a white water kayaking trip in Norway. These and many more stories that have helped me see the world as an adventure playground and shaped my fitness lifestyle.

I hope that I can make you laugh, let you learn from my mistakes and possibly even allow you to make this life we live as rich and enjoyable as possible.

Because for someone who loves a good nudie run I sure like to get the most out of life and I now just want to share it with other people and enjoy other people’s stories along the way.

Here’s to do a ‘doodle dance!’