WO#1 - Legs and Arms Workout

An advanced workout designed to focus on building-up strength in your legs (especially quads and gluteus), arms and shoulders.

  1. Warm Up
    Choice of cardio: 5 min @ an easy pace - 20 sec of nasal breathing only done with mouth shut then 10 sec with mouth open and continue for the 5 min.
  2. Part A: Strength
    Bar Bell Front squats

    • SET 1: 10 x small squat pauses at the bottom of your squat - stay low and tight for the whole 10.
    • SET 2: 8 x squat down and hold the bottom position for 3 secs then stand up
    • SET 3-7: 5 full squats - building up in weight with each set and finishing with approx 70% 1RM (1RM is the maximum weight you can front squat)
  3. Part B: 18 Minute EMOM
    Set a timer, then on each scheduled minute, perform the exercises below as fast as you can. Rest for the remainder of each minute. Repeat this process until the 18 minutes are over.

    1.  Maximum reps of Barbell Front Squat in 30 seconds
      Weight is 50% of 1RM front squat
    2. 10 Kettleball Swings Above Your Head
    3. Max Strict Pull-ups (the maximum reps of pull-ups you can do in one go! Once you let go that's it)
    4. *Repeat until 18 minutes are up!